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Call of Duty 2 Download Free

Call of Duty 2 Download Free in the direct web link for Windows operating system. Call of Duty 2 is the best action video game.

Call of Duty 2 PC Game Setup Free Download 2018 Review

Call of Duty redefines the cinematic strength and chaos of battle as translucence the eyes of average soldiers battling in the epic WWII conflicts. The sequel to 2003’s Call of Duty, champion of over 80 Video game of the Year awards, Call of Duty 2 provides more immense, more extreme, much more reasonable battles than in the past, just because of the magnificent visuals of the new COD ™ 2 engine.

Call of Duty 2 is a one-man shooter game developed by Infinity Ward as well as published by Konami in Japan. It is a second version of the Call of Duty series PC Games from Ocean of Games. Other versions of Call of Duty PC game were ultimately released for OS X, mobile phones, and Pocket PCs. Call of Duty 2 PC Game was first developed for only Microsoft Windows and released on October 25, 2005. After that, Xbox 360 version of this game was released on November 22, 2005.

call of duty pcgame free download

The game is established during World War II and the project mode is experienced via the perspectives of four soldiers: one in the Red Army, one in the USA Army, and two in the British Army. It includes four specific projects, divided into 3 stories, with an overall of 27 objectives. Several functions were updated from the original version of Call of Duty PC Game, it significantly regenerating health and suggests a nearby grenade about to blow up.

The game drew critical appreciation, especially for the graphics, sound and the redrawing health and wellness system. As a launch of the Xbox 360 version sold over 250,000 duplicates in the first week of the announcement and had marketed over 2 million duplicate copies by January 2008. Approximate 5.9 million duplicates were sold by the end of the month November 2013.

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The # 1 WWII shooter growth team returns with an outstanding brand-new experience: Created by Infinity Ward, creators of the award-winning Telephone Call of Duty. All-new, unprecedented improvements from amazingly practical graphics to smooth gameplay, many thanks to the innovative COD2 engine, groundbreaking AI, as well as choice-based gameplay innovations. Wonderfully made snow, rainfall, haze, and smoke, incorporated with dynamic lights and darkness, make this the most extreme WWII shooter yet.

Features of Call of Duty 2 PC Game Setup Free Download


Following are the key features of Call of Duty 2 PC Game Setup Free Download and install that you will certainly experience after the mounting on the Operating System.

– > Multiplayer: Browse the web for extreme Axis versus Allies team-based multiplayer action, building on the widely popular Call of Duty multiplayer modes.

– > Play with objectives in the order you please. Will you decide to play initially as a sniper or as a storage tank leader? It’s your telephone call. Flexible field of battles allows you to individualize your strategies as well as pick the order in which you complete your tasks.

– > Many soldiers surrounding you are totally familiar with the changing environment and will let you know about all-new, context-sensitive system. They will certainly, lay down cover for you, utilize foxholes, relocating tanks for cover, draw adversary fire and alert you of inbound adversary troops and aggressive fire.

– > Call of Duty 2 brings to you bigger battles with bigger tanks, soldiers, as well as explosions on-screen with a wide range of areas and settings throughout the European Cinema. Handle “The Desert Fox” to the scorching sands of North Africa and in the wave of containers clashes in the desert.

– > Provides high-resolution textures in many forms.

The glory and tragedy of war

Call of Duty is an amazing hectic first-person shooter however it’s fight scenes typically aren’t just action-movie thrill-rides. They’re surprising frequently grim visions of the mayhem and anxiety of fight particularly the scary objectives in the Red Army campaign. The scenes of Call of Duty 2 PC Game were inspired by 2 films like Adversary at the Gates as well as by real-life incidents in the fight of Stalingrad stimulate the mayhem of warfare in a way that few other computer games have attained. Download Call of Duty 2 Ocean of Games which provides you a vast array of PC games.

A classic for shooter fans

If you’re a follower of one-man shooters Call of Duty is most definitely worth playing not even if it’s an exciting game but also because of its influence of later games. Some aspects might seem dated such as the damages system as well as several of the graphics, however, there’s still plenty below to enjoy particularly for history as well as war enthusiasts.


Call of Duty 2 has 3 specific projects, battled in the roles of 4 World War II soldiers, for a total amount of 27 goals. The game has four trouble degrees: Easy, Routine, Hardened, and Professional.

System Requirements of Call of Duty 2 PC Game Setup Free Download

call of duty 2 free download

Before you start Call of Duty 2 PC Game Setup Free Download and make certain your PC meets minimum system requirements.

  • Tested on Windows 7 64-Bit version
  • Hard Disk: 4GB Hard Disk.
  • CPU: Pentium 4 or later.
  • RAM: 256MB.
  • OS: Windows Vista/7/8/ 8.1/ 10.
  • Hard Disk Size: 3.5 GB.

FREE Download Call of Duty 2 PC Game



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